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    Institute of Zhong Fu FRP is the only one specializing in glass fiber reinforced plastic composite cover study of scientific research institutions. She has the related staff of more than 30 people, including graduate students, engineers, Big Ben above etc. She holds well-equipped labs, research buildings,and experimental workshops more than 20,000 square meters.
    In the mould base, Four-column press was used, and the relevant station temperature, pressure, mold release are the property of automatic control. The equipment is very advanced, which marks the advanced technology of molded glass fiber reinforced plastic cover.
    At present this institute is cooperating with the Wuhan Institute of Technology, Beijing Zhongcai Architecture Institute, Jinan Academy of Architecture, and the target is committed to promoting China's composite cover industry. Director Shu Chunyi, to bring the entire staff, will sincerely cooperate , seek development altogether with customers by using advanced technology and sophisticated scientific research achievements, and better service.

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